Closet Case Patterns – Sophie Swimsuit Top (Bonus: Riptide Shorties)

This week I’m showing you my attempt at making a real bathing suit top. I say real because it’s more like a bra and there is a lot of work that goes into fitting this thing. That said, I still didn’t get the fitting portion perefect. This is the Sophie Swimsuit by Closet Case Patterns. I made view B, which is the 2 piece but I only made the top. I debated on making the bottoms but honestly, high waist swimsuits like this just make my hips look even bigger and my boobs smaller.

I made two muslins and two “final” products. At the time my measurements were: underbust 31″ and bust 36″. You subtract the numbers to get your cup size, mine was 5 and according to the measurements my band would be a size 8. I started out by making a muslin in cup 5, band 8 and it was too large. I then made a muslin in a cup 4, band 6 and the band was way too small but the cup seemed good. After that, I figured it was time to cut into the good fabric.

I first made the purple bathing suit. I went with cup 4, band 8. While this seems to fit very well, it also makes my chest look super flat. I wore it to the beach, swam, laid around, built sand castles, etc and everything stayed in place as it should, so that’s great. While this is a good fit, I think it could be much better. I think the bridge (part between the cups) needs 1/4″ width taken out. The underwire doesn’t lay comfortably on my chest like it should. I also like the idea of some padding or push up. I did use bra foam (more on that in a minute) but maybe some more umpf is needed. I’ve never really made an actual bra or swim top like this before, so all of it is super new to me. I feel like I’m missing something obvious, please comment below if you know! I have fit bust cups before with the Bombshell Dress but that was before breastfeeding, so who knows, maybe that’s my issue.

Here’s the black version, I didn’t really bother to take real photos of it. I did wear it and I will continute but it’s too small. I made a cup size 3 and band 8. I made this after the purple one, thinking that my issue was that I needed a smaller cup. I was wrong, but it’s still really cute. The bridge doesn’t lay flat on my chest and my boobs feel squashed.

The bottoms are from 5 Out Of 4 Patterns* and I’ve made these a bunch of times. You can check out my post from when we went to Jamaica here. I am still the same size, so all the details are the same. I swear by this pattern. Next, the supplies. This is where the pattern becomes a beast. If your cup size is 3 and up, you need underwire, casing and bra foam. Finding these things can be a bit overwhelming. I had to order all of my stuff online and I am not patient. After a few days everything came in and I could start work. I ordered my bra foam from TailorMadeShoppe* on Etsy and I’m really pleased with it. I’ll be ordering from her again. I ordered my underwire and casing from Porcelynne*. I’ve ordered from her in the past and I really love her products and fast shipping. I made my lingerie from her products.

My fabric came from The Fabric Fairy and I ordered a bunch. I was worried that I would screw things up and I also thought I would make 101 bathing suits for the summer. Honestly, I still might, I want to perfect this pattern and also make some from Jalie and make my own pattern: String Bikini again. I love the fabric and the website has so many options for gorgeous swim fabrics. It took about a week or less to get them in the mail. So not too bad, but then again I’m 100% impatient and want my stuff as soon as I order it.

Onto the elephant in the room, or should I say the hookworm in my skin. I debated photoshopping this out of my pictures but then I feel like a fake. I’m not here to try to photoshop out everything and look like this super glamorous person. This is me, I’m real and I’m happy with myself. That being said, no, I’m not happy I got a parasite. First off, this can happen anywhere but it isn’t super common. I contracted Cutaneous Larva Migrans (aka hookworm) while in the Dominican Republic. I’m not naming the resort because it’s not exactly their fault. What happens is that an infected cat or dog (they had a few cats there) poops in the sand and the worms come out and into the sand. Obviously, they clean the beaches, so it cleans up the poop but not the hookworm, they are way too small. A person makes contact with the worms and there ya go. Most people get them on the bottom of their feet or butt from sitting in the sand. I laid on my stomach and built sand castles with Nico. That’s it, that’s all it takes. Long story short, I got some cream and they are dead, it’s slowly healing. It did hurt, burn and itch like crazy but I’m just glad it wasn’t Nico! I still went onto the beach, I mean, IT’S THE BEACH! LOL. I would go back there in a heartbeat, the Dominican Republic has the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen. Also, it’s super affordable (I have an amazing travel agent if you need his info, let me know!) and the people are very friendly.

ALSO – Happy Birthday to my husband, Andres! I love you and our family! Thank you for everything you do and I hope you have the best day ever!!! <3 *affiliate links – I paid for everything myself, I just get a kickback if you order from any of these places, which helps support my fabric “collection” 😉

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