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This dress … boy, oh boy, was it frustrating!

When I was picking out my kits for the Blogger Network I figured the outfit I make for July needs to quick, simple and easy. I figured this because I knew my ball gown was going to be a beast and take up most of my time. So I choose BurdaStyle’s Printed Maxi-Dress:

That model is gorgeous - seriously, look at her!
That model is gorgeous – seriously, look at her!

Looks simple enough right?! WRONG!!! SO WRONG!!! I read a couple of reviews and they said be sure to make a muslin to test out the fitting. Another girl said that the hardest part of this dress is the invisible zipper. So I made a muslin of the bodice and immediately started to get angry. Part of this anger is because the directions for the pattern seemed like some translator program translated it from Chinese! This is partially my fault though, we all know how BurdaStyle is with their directions. But, I honestly figured this dress would be simple and that I’d have no problems.


While fighting with the muslin I had a genius idea that I should conquer this dress and make a tutorial to show my readers step-by-step how to make it. All was going well until I realized I still didn’t know what the hell I was even doing, so how can I teach all of you?! The reason why the dress is so difficult is because you have 3 layers in the bodice and LOTS of hand basting. I finally decided it was all-or-nothing and cut into my fabric.

I will give these tips on the dress though. The front bodice pattern pieces are the most complicated, here is how they should be laid out. Cut 4 of pieces 1, 2 and 4. Cut 2 of pieces 3 and 5. Sew the sides together how they are laid out here. Double check the numbers in the corners, match those up and that’s were you sew.

good luck
good luck

After you cut everything, sew both sets of pieces 1, 2 and 4 together, and baste and sew pieces 3 and 5, you need to lay them out this way. They basically get stacked on top of each other from the bottom up, so 3 & 5 end up on top. Since the bodice has 3 layers it kind of has a built in bra. I would have liked to of added bra cups for more stability though.

Lay this way
Lay this way

While making this my measurements were: (35 3/4 – 31 – 39) so I choose to cut size 40 (36 1/4 – 29 1/4 – 38 3/4). I probably should have cut size 38 or just cut 40 on the line and used that as my seam allowance. (BurdaStyle usually doesn’t include seam allowances). That being said – I did have to take in the bodice on each side about an 3/4″. I recommend when figuring out your sizing that you mainly focus on the bust since the rest of the dress is so flowy. On the front skirt part I cut a size 42 so I could have extra room as the baby bump gets bigger.

showin' off - 15 weeks today
showin’ off – 15 weeks today

On a side note, of course I’d do this photo shoot the day before I get my hair done. I’m awesome like that. Enjoy my faded orange and hillbilly roots!

Back to the dress. Make sure you test fit the straps on the bodice before sewing them down. I didn’t and really regret it. They need to be taken up about 1/2″ on both sides. You can tell they are too long and it does’t fit just right. Also, don’t be lazy and make sure you put the interfacing into the straps! I didn’t do this so now they slide off and are flimsy.

i wish i was on the beach like the model
i wish i was on the beach like the model

Usually I’m not as lazy about my sewing projects. I was just getting so frustrated with all of the hand sewing, confusing directions and who knows what else. I realize that pregnancy has made me have pretty much zero patience … and you need LOTS of it with sewing!

the straps are just too long
the straps are just too long

Another place where I was a total slacker was the zipper. The pattern calls for an invisible zipper, but after all the fighting I said screw it and put in a regular zipper. I think it looks just fine.

Overall this is not a pattern I’ll be using again. It’s not that it’s bad but it’s just not “Pregnant Amy Friendly”! I assumed this was a dress you could make in one day but I assumed wrong. Either way I really loved the fabric – it’s so pretty and the red satin was so luxurious!

looks so pretty!
looks so pretty!

Just to give an idea, this is how the inside of the bodice looks:

lookin' good!
lookin’ good!

Let me know if you are making this dress or have made it. Maybe I’m just over reacting and being crazy in my review about it? It is pretty though…

guinness makes everything look gorgeous!
guinness makes everything look gorgeous!

18 thoughts on “Minerva Crafts Blogger Network – BurdaStyle Printed Maxi-Dress 05/2013 #123

  1. I like your dress, and also I like how you see some dress, and do it your way 🙂
    I like to make sw stuff my way too, but you’re at least one level upper because of sewing your dresses 🙂

      1. I’m not sure if that would be the best decision 🙂
        I think it’d take too long, and if I shared my pieces, it’d cause disgust to sewing in many people 😛

  2. Serious applause here for getting that dress done and it looks good! Being tired and hormonal AND taking in Burda instructions?! I salute you…
    And you look seriously cute in it too, so hopefully it was almost worth it?

    1. Hehe thanks! I have no idea what I was thinking!! I just love Burda’s different design looks… foolish me though! I think once I get bigger (so the boobs and straps fit better) I will give it another round of wearing and see where I stand!

  3. OMG…..your baby bump is soooo sweet…you look cute and of course I love love love this dress…hope to see you soon…keep up the sewing…love u

    1. Thanks!! It all depends on how bloated I am if I have a bump or not hahaha… but baby is in there 🙂 I’ll see you next weekend! YAY! Love you! About to go sew right now 😛

  4. That’s the prettiest little Mommy I know!!!!! I love you <3
    Tonya <3

    1. Awe!! Twins! How awesome is that?! Congrats <3 So far so good, just not fitting into my clothes like I used to LOL

  5. I’ve admired that dress pattern from Burda for a long time. Great to see your review on it. Your version looks gorgeous by the way.

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