#maxisewalong2017 – Fabric Inspiration

I’m back with some knit fabric inspiration! How are you doing with your maxi dresses? I think the best part is always the fabric, there are so many choices out there. I’m a bit of a fabric hoarder and by a bit I mean full-blown should have my own episode on Hoarding: Buried Alive – Fabric Edition 😀 I can’t help it, when I see gorgeous fabric I can’t pass it up. This has actually come in handy so many times – it’s totally justified.

The fabrics I’m showcasing today are different types of knits. I typically like a light weight knit because maxi dresses are already long and can get weighed down and end up looking wonky. I typically choose knits that have a lot of stretch and give so I can continue wearing them no mater what phase of life I’m in (pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, trying to lose baby weight size)

Anyways, here is some fabric inspiration for you – Enjoy!

Brushed poly is amazing, it typically has a great deal of stretch and is “buttery” soft. I love this crazy print from LA Finch Fabrics – Bohemian Rhapsody Gold Knit.

Here’s another from LA Finch Fabrics – Bohemian Elephant Black.

How awesome is this one from So Sew English Fabrics?!

Very soft and great stretch. It’s also very light – perfect for maxi dresses! If you can’t tell, I’m a sucker for prints. I think this LA Finch Fabrics – Oceana Knit would make a gorgeous maxi.

This Girl Charlee Navajo print looks perfect for a maxi dress.

I had to add this great Galaxy Print from LA Finch Fabrics because remember … my SPACE SHORTS OUTFIT! Haha!

These ones are a bit more slinky and wrinkle resistant. I love this fun and funky print from Girl Charlee.

I know I’m a sucker for knits but OMG this royal blue from LA Finch Fabrics is dreamy!

There are so many great knits out there and I’m starting to go down the rabbit hole of wanting to buy them all! Who do you get all your knits from? Where are your favorite places? Let me know in the comments, I love discovering great new places to buy fabric I probably don’t need!

If you’re more into wovens check out Sewn By Ashley’s fabric ideas!

For more inspiration, check out our Facebook group or Instagram, I’ll be sharing your makes all through out the sew along. #maxisewalong2017 wraps up July 27th 12:00pm eastern time, so get your submission in before then for a chance to win a prize from Finch Fabrics or By Hand London!! Stay tuned, next week I’ll be talking about my fabric and pattern choices. Happy sewing 🙂

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